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A older man showing off his weight loss success with personal training

Guaranteed Results

Breaking Ground Fitness

Welcome to Breaking Ground Fitness, a revolutionary fitness company breaking new ground in Online Coaching, Personal Training, Group Workouts and Fitness Related Video Streaming. Our vision is to allow everyone around the world to get the best fitness-related content anywhere. With our outstanding coaches and trainers, you'll get into the best shape of your life in no time. So, get started and shatter your expectations with what you can accomplish today!

Boxer exercising during boxing class


Making a Positive Impact

Getting in shape shouldn't feel like a punishment or an overwhelming obstacle to overcome, at Breaking Ground Fitness we believe in making fitness fun again, and having our fitness-related content easily accessible to everyone, anywhere. Our mission to help guide everyone to a better place, mentally and, physically so everyone can experience the enjoyment of feeling fit, health and all the benefits that come along with being the best version of yourself!


Get Fit Fast

50lbs weight loss with personal training


Strength & Stamina

Join today and have a personal training experience you'll never forget! Expertly created programs designed to give a unique and effective workout that's tailor-made for you so that you can reach your goals in a timely fashion.

Co-ed group class in session


A Healthier You

Getting fit made fun again; we understand getting fit can be a challenging and scary process, but providing a welcoming and fun environment, we give everyone a fun but challenging workout no matter the fitness level. Book today and start the journey! 

Fasical Stretch Therapy


Feeling Loose and Free!

Fascial Stretch Therapy is a perfect way to increase range of motion, reduce bodily pain and increase athletic performance so you can perform at your peak on game day! 

Online nutritional coaching


Eating Heathy and Feeling Good

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring or bland; it can be fun, colourful and taste great with learning a skill or two along the way! Introducing our nutritional coaching program, with our service, you'll receive daily lessons, weekly coaching calls and nutritional software to keep you on track and accelerate your results.

Online programs


Workout Anytime with Video On Demand

Join and be the first to experience our ever-growing video library of workouts, nutrition, stretching and more to help you get back in shape or reach new levels of strength and speed in no time!


Ramon is an exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced personal trainer. He is always happy to address any questions or concerns and works hard to create plans that suit your needs. He puts in the work required by a coach to help you reach your goals and helped me PR many of my lifts in a safe and comfortable environment.

Andrea Mennill

All thanks to Ramon, I was able to get off my blood pressure, diabetes, and heart medications at the age of 60!
Now, I am 25lbs lighter and able to play Hockey for the first time in 20 years! Thank you, Ramon!

Gary Jeffrey

I can't thank Ramon enough for his help. I was able to lose 80lbs in just one year, and with his help, I was able to accomplish my weight-loss goal in time for my wedding day. I can't recommend him enough. Thank you, Ramon!

Venessa Ritz

Training with Ramon was like training with a big brother who didn't let me fail. He made a significant impact on how I workout today. Always encouraging me and with a knowledge of weightlifting, I was able to kick start my fitness journey on the correct path.

Wyatt Brannigan

Breaking Ground Fitness

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